About EM Alliance

Recognizing the need for disaster and emergency management services, Pendulum, LLC, a noted leader in professional liability risk management, joined forces with charter members Fire and Life-Safety, Inc.; Sorensen, Wilder & Associates; and Advance Catastrophe Technologies, Inc. (ACT) to form the Emergency Management Alliance or “EM Alliance.” Affiliate members Jackson Spalding and Hall Booth Smith, PC have rounded out the range of services offered by Alliance members.

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EM Alliance is a coalition of six companies specializing in professional liability risk management, fire and life safety, emergency medical services, security administration, crisis management and legal consultation.

Charter Members

Pendulum, LLC

Ric Henry, President

Pendulum is a full-service risk management company providing consulting services, tools, products, and training to healthcare providers of all types. Pendulum’s mission is to assist organizations with minimizing professional and general liability risk and strengthen defensibility.

The Pendulum network of highly skilled risk control consultants is available to provide liability risk assessments, on-site consultation, and development of quality and specialty programs within multiple healthcare settings. Pendulum’s risk management products include training materials, Web-based tools, and software applications.

Pendulum is an independently owned company offering a unique third-party approach in evaluating potential risk and providing innovative risk management strategies. Pendulum is viewed by its clients as the premier risk management company in the industry.

Fire and Life-Safety, Inc.

Stan Szpytek, President

Fire and Life-Safety, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing businesses with emergency preparedness assessment and training programs to help ensure that the human element will successfully mitigate an emergency situation. Whether its showing employees how to properly report an emergency, use a fire extinguisher, evacuate a building or react to an impending severe weather event, our services can help save lives, limit property damage and avoid costly business loss by helping ensure that an occupancy is compliant with regulated safety standards.

Sorensen, Wilder & Associates

Steve Wilder, President

Sorensen, Wilder & Associates (SWA) is a consortium of consultants organized to create a multi-disciplinary team to provide safety, security and risk management services and support throughout the healthcare industry. SWA's team of experienced executives come from a variety of backgrounds—legal, consulting, risk management, fire services, disaster management, safety and security, hospital administration, EMS administration, long term care, government, business and engineering. They also have combined experience in programs for hospitals, nursing homes, physician practices, home health care services, occupational health and wellness and pre-hospital services.

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Advance Catastrophe Technologies, Inc. (ACT)

Jeff Chester, Vice President

When disaster strikes Advance Catastrophe Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is there to put your world back together! ACT, a leader in disaster response, delivers rapid emergency stabilization and turnkey service to your damaged facilities within minutes for any kind of disaster.

You need minimal disruption in your residents' lives and you want immediate response to reduce further property damage at the lowest possible cost. ACT’s certified staff and cutting-edge technology will provide disaster recovery and restoration services from:

  • Water: ACT will restore your property to pre-loss condition due to water damage from broker or frozen pipes, sprinkler head breaks, toilet overflows, bathtub overflows, storm damage from hurricanes, tornados, wind, ice, roof leaks and any other water related damage.
  • Fire and Smoke: ACT will restore your property due to fire or smoke. Our services include cleanup of smoke and soot, dry down due to water damage from extinguishing the fire, content cleaning and storage, and document and data restoration.
  • Mold: ACT can assist your staff as needed to resolve any microbial issues.
  • Storm: ACT responds to damage due to hurricanes, tornados, ice or wind.

Affiliate Members

Jackson Spalding

Blair Meeks, Crisis Communication Specialist

Jackson Spalding is a full-service marketing communications firm with large and small clients in the financial, consumer, education, energy, healthcare, not-for-profit, professional services, real estate, construction and sports industries. Jackson Spalding provides creative, communication, and coaching services, including crisis and issues management for situations that threaten a client’s business and reputation. The firm assists clients with:

  • Proactive Plans: Jackson Spalding can assess your vulnerabilities, identify potential issues, develop the best response plans and simulate media scenarios. With a plan in place, you can sleep well knowing your team is prepared and that Jackson Spalding can handle any issues that arise.
  • Reactive Response: Jackson Spalding’s agile team can provide on-call counsel around the clock, quickly get up to speed on your organization’s situation and craft responses that will mitigate the issue and preserve your brand.
  • Message/Media Coaching: Jackson Spalding can create proactive and reactive crisis messaging that will resonate with antagonists, stakeholders, influencers and media. With Jackson Spalding’s media coaching, your spokespeople will be prepared to communicate those messages under pressure.

Hall Booth Smith, PC

Drew Graham, Partner

Hall Booth Smith, P.C. (HBS) has delivered quality legal services in a variety of practice areas for over 20 years. Experience across legal disciplines combined with a focus on the unique business or personal requirements of the client is the hallmark of the firm. HBS clients receive the attention, expertise and cost-effectiveness of a smaller law firm with a full-service and strong regional presence typical of a large law firm.

Expanding from its roots as a litigation firm, HBS has become a prominent full-service law firm with a wide range of practice areas including litigation, corporate practice, transactional practice, mergers and acquisitions, medical malpractice, government affairs, long-term care, healthcare, transportation, workers’ compensation and professional liability.

HBS has the highest commitment to excellence in serving its clients.