Welcome to EM Alliance

EM Alliance is a partnership formed by leaders in risk management, fire and life safety, emergency medical services, security administration and disaster recovery services to provide the healthcare community and related types of occupancies the tools and services needed for disaster planning, response, mitigation and recovery.

Recognizing the need for disaster and emergency management services, Pendulum, LLC, a recognized leader in professional liability risk management, joined forces with Fire and Life-Safety, Inc., Sorensen, Wilder & Associates, and Advance Catastrophe Technologies, Inc. (ACT) to form the Emergency Management Alliance or “EM Alliance.”

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The Day Before

A 60-second Public Service Announcement from FEMA reminding you that the day before a disaster is just a normal day.

ACT Overview

This short video will tell you most of the benefits of using ACT Advance Catastrophe Technologies to respond to your restoration needs anywhere in the country.